Existence of e-commerce in India with the feasibility

E-commerce is a concept where one can buy the goods and services online. In the year 1982, Transmission Control Protocol was developed which could send information packets to different routes. Tim Berners Lee, took the help of this protocol to communicate via the Internet using HTTP. He was the one who invented developed a security protocol that would void the use of information of the people publicly. It will be strictly private and help people to make secure transactions online. Jeff Bezos started the first e-commerce website in the year 1994 and named it Amazon. The name was Amazon since it is the biggest river across the world and the entrepreneur wanted his company to be as huge as the Amazon River which is fabulous, exotic and unique. It started with online bookstore and then selling of DVDs, CDs, Blu-rays, mp3, apparels, electronics, video games, furniture, food, toys and jewellery. That is how e-commerce was practically bought to existence by Jeff Bezos.


E-commerce in India came into existence for the first time because of IRCTC that is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The government procured this strategy to make it feasible for the people around by to book tickets for their tour or travel. This technique is well-known as online booking system. What a customer requires the most for booking a ticket is that of a debit card. Without a debit card, one cannot book a ticket. The reservation is done online once you book a ticket and also your booking status would be visible to you. This would save a lot of time for each customer to wait in a queue booking a ticket and also save money. The agent yields commission for providing their customers with a ticket. After the unpredictable success of IRCTC online booking, even the airline systems adopted the same system. Airlines like AirDeccan, Indian Airlines, SpiceJet etc were impressed by the massive response from the customers for online booking and thus adopted the same system for themselves too. Looking at this response, flip-kart, Amazon, Jabong etc started seeking their place in India. Deep down model of Flip-kart because of which online shopping gained remarkable position in the market. Today, every small retailer relies on these e-commerce sites for their fortunes. E-commerce in India is one of those segments which deliver fastest growth and popularity as well. You can buy  iphone or iphone 5 cases online just by signing in and making the order.

Flip-kart is the e-commerce site which is invented by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in the year 2007. And there after online shopping turned to gain more popularity in the market. Flip-kart allows the user anything they wish to buy. The product can be ranging from anything to everything that is all their basic needs are satisfied. Taking an example to buy t-shirts online, people used to visit flip-kart and Amazon the most for buying clothes. Exclusive and branded clothes were available here at the cost of money. Why won’t people grab the opportunity to wear branded and comfortable clothes? These customers just filter their choice and hunt for a search of a t-shirt online india. They select it and either pay it using pay-pal or cash on delivery system. Once the shirt is delivered to the customer, they   try the t-shirt and if it doesn’t fit them then simply drop an e-mail for the return of the product. This improves the feasibility of buying a t-shirt online or any product.

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