Factors to Consider When Designing Your Business Web Site

When designing your business Web Site, your first priority is to appeal to your audience. It’s easy to get carried away with the design, when in reality simple is sometimes best. As you’re choosing the template, format and layout for your business site, you want to keep the following factors in mind, so that you don’t turn off visitors and increase your bounce rate.


Know Who Your Audience Is 

Knowing your target audience is important. How will you know what will and won’t work if you don’t know who you are trying to attract? The way you design a Web site for teens is much different than the way you’d design it for senior citizens. To get an idea of what these groups of people like, check out Web sites that cater to these markets.

Don’t Overdo it With the Graphics

The more graphics you put on your Web site, the longer it will take to load the site. You can’t assume that everyone has high-speed Internet, which means those with slower connections will have to wait much longer to load your site. Most people are impatient and will just leave your site.

Make Sure the Font is Legible 

Not only should the font you choose be easy to read, but it should also have a nice contrast with the background. Don’t make the mistake of a having a light text on a light background, which will strain people’s eyes and give them a headache.

Use High Quality Photos

The images you post on your business Web site should be high quality. There’s nothing worse than having photos that are blurry. Instead, take your own photos or look for images from sites that offer royalty-free pics you can purchase and use freely.

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