7 questions hiring managers ask candidates in an interview to test their personalities

Interviews are not an easy ball-game. There are a bunch of things that have to be kept in mind when taking one. One of them is the shrewd eye of the hiring managers. These are people who have done this for long enough to know how to test your personality and also make sure that they get the best and the worst out of you. 


We are now going to give you a set of questions that hiring managers ask to test your personality, along with the purpose of the question as well. There are barely any right or wrong answers to them and all you need to do is to make sure that you answer them to the best of your capabilities.

  1. “If your best friend was seated here, what would he say is the best part of being your friend”

This question is asked to assess the people skills of the person and also how he/she will be able to fit into the company culture. This question is also posed because the managers want to see the candidate talk about themselves.

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  1. “If you could change a factor on how you face challenges, what would it be?”

Many employers pose this question because humility is important to them. They are looking to see if the candidate is willing to admit to his shortcomings and also scope for improvement. This is what makes a diligent and growing employee.

  1. “If you were an animal, what would you like to be and why?”

This question makes the candidate think on his feet and also compel him to use his creativity to his best in a short span of time. This is one of the favorites of the managers as it brings out a side of a candidate which the managers would not have otherwise seen.

  1. “What has been the most satisfying moment in your life?”

The purpose of this question is to simply understand what motivates the candidate. This can be used later on the job when the employers need to extract maximum productivity out of the employee.

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  1. “Describe your last supervisor in 5 words.”

Hiring managers ask this to understand the professional value of the candidate. The answer to this question could sway either way for the candidate. But the best way to get through with this one is to make sure that he does not disrespect his previous supervisor.

  1. “What drives you in your personal life?”

This is an attempt by the managers to gain an understanding of the non-work life of the candidate. They would ideally want one with a stable personal life to make sure that their productivity is not hindered by many other external factors.

  1. “Give me a gist of a stressful work scenario, and on how you handled it.”

Hiring managers ask this question to the candidates to understand the level of stress that can be handled by them and also to assess their approach towards things. This information is used to understand of the candidate is going to be able to handle the challenges at the workplace.

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