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If you are an active user of internet, you have seen enormous number of online real estate portals that list info about available real estate-based deals, often with no proper authenticity. Lack of authenticity, sometimes, brings issues to users, who try to buy or rent apartments by following information listed on such websites. Nevertheless, when 12 IIT Alumni set out their journey, the destination was quite revolutionary in world of real estate portals – Housing.com! It should be noted that Housing.com has become the innovative, effective and yet simple way of searching for all sorts of real estate needs of yours, including apartments for rent, sale, available hostels, land for sale, paying guest option, etc. In our experience, Housing.com is the best way to find the most appropriate real estate product for you in a few seconds. Today, however, we have come up with the review of Housing.com so that you will know how and why you should use Housing.com to fulfill your real estate needs.


Let’s Start with Examples

Suppose you have been placed in popular firm at Bangalore, and want to settle down there! Indeed, you have to find some flats on rent in Bangalore or paying guest opportunities, especially when there is no accommodation issued by your company. And, here we welcome Housing.com, using which you can find the most appropriate real estate deals such as apartment, hostel, paying guest facilities or land. Nevertheless, as we mentioned earlier, Housing.com is not the old list of available plots and apartments, which may prove unavailable now. On the other hand, there is number of features that make Housing.com a unique way to help your house-hunting endeavour. We will have look on those features now.

What Makes Housing.com Unique & Revolutionary

It’s All about Maps

Housing.com has said goodbye to the old way of listing available real estate in a single page! Instead, it uses a map to show deals matching your search term. For instance, when you search for available Hostels & PGs (Paying Guests) in a specific region, it will show a map of that region and available hostels marked in it. If you hover on such marks, you can see basic details such as rent per month, sharing/single rooms, etc; similarly, if you are trying to find apartments or houses for sale, you can see number of bedrooms, size and of course its price. When you click on a deal, you can see different sort of information such as contact details, ways of commutation etc. You can know more about region as you zoom in, just as you do in the case of Google Maps. It MUST BE noted that, although the design seems heavy, its loading time is incredibly impressive, even in our 2G internet connection. In addition, while going through page of BIG projects, you have an option to get aerial view of that building as well. Nevertheless, if you do not like the Maps-based view, you can shift to Grid view as well.

Detailed Listing View

Sense-Making Filters

Obviously, filters are essential for finding the most appropriate real estate deal for you! In its each section, including apartments, hostels, land, plot projects, etc, effective filters are available. For instance, in case of buying houses, you can set a number of filters such as society facilities, property type, price etc. Similarly, when you want to find best PG or hostel facility, you can set filters based on different factors such as food, available facilities like internet, kitchen & AC, etc. Of course, these filters are damn advantageous to each user of Housing.com


Verified Listings

Because the team behind Housing.com has understood problems of current real estate portals, it has implemented a feature to make these real estate listings credible! Before displaying a specific listing in Housing.com, team from the site will visit the exact place and confirm every aspect of that specific listing so that users won’t face insufficiency of data while browsing. Likewise, images shown with each listing are original, and you can be sure of facilities that are mentioned, as data-collection team of housing.com checks every aspect of house.

Housing.com Houses Single View

Along with these, Housing.com has a national number, 03-333-333-333, and you can call them on that number to get information about available deals. There are options to post your requirements and subscribe to specific set of deals. Because of this awesome features, Housing.com startup growing like crazy in social media as well.

Final Verdict

In our experience, Housing.com is the optimum place to find the best real estate solution, let it be house, hostels, PG or plots, especially while considering friendly UI and credibility of displayed information in it. Housing.com, with no doubt, is the new way of finding homes!

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