5 Things You Need to Check Before You Choose a Reliable Reseller Hosting

A few years back, the web world had a few reliable and good services for everything, including web hosting, web development and everything related to the web services. It’s not the same world of Internet we are living in, right now. There is fierce competition in the web world and we see hundreds to thousands of web hosting companies competing against each other for getting people to host the websites on their servers.


Just like we have options for every aspect on the web, there are options for people to choose from, while hosting their website somewhere. The reseller hosting is something where you can host your own websites, and share the same with a few other websites or clients rather than having to use a single host package for every single website (as is the case with the shared hosting).

Because of the competition that we are seeing for the reseller hosting, there are a few factors you need to check before you finally decide to choose a particular hosting package, because some would be cheap but not good, and some although might be charging high, the services won’t be as expected.

Here are the different things you need to check before you choose a reliable reseller hosting company.

Features provided

First things first – you have to see which web hosting company is providing a reseller package with the specifications and features that you need. These include the disk space, the bandwidth and the accounts in the cPanel, email accounts and such which are actually important for you. The reseller hosting packages are chosen by the web designers to give a dedicated page for the client to showcase the work being done, and the high graphics as well as content needs a good disk space and bandwidth, so that needs to be checked first.

Check for reviews & Uptime

Every web hosting company would put it in simple words that they provide a hundred percent up time, which is not generally the case. For actually checking how good the uptime is, you need to look around the web for some reviews from the users who have purchased the hosting package from that particular company in the past. Not all bad experiences can be trusted, because sometimes the user might be expecting more than what was claimed, and thus a bad review is put up. You can still easily understand whether a positive review is biased, or if a negative review was out of frustration.

Technical support

The importance of the technical support is seen only when there is an issue which the user cannot solve, and it’s urgent when the website is down. While choosing a reliable reseller hosting service, check whether the company has the 24×7 technical support available to help you solve the problem, or if not that, at least should be replying to your question within a few minutes to hours. If the service and support is not fast, then there is no question you should not choose this service.

Easy interface and options

This is especially for the reseller hosting, where you would be giving the accounts to your clients, and if you don’t find easy and direct options, that particular hosting is what you should not choose. Whether that is either the Windows hosting or the cPanel one, the reseller hosting should provide options so that the user doesn’t have to waste time setting things up every time a new account has to be created.

Again, most of the web hosting companies mention about the hardware they are using for hosting your websites. One can and should compare the hardware being used, and based on that, the selection should be done, because the newer and higher-end hardware would not just keep your content secure, it would keep the performance of the website high.


Not to mention, the pricing is always an important factor for the users to check when selecting a reseller hosting, because there might be several factors which you checked and shortlisted a few of them, but the final decision can be made with the pricing kept in mind. If you are not thinking to host a lot of websites, probably the reseller hosting is not the one you should choose, but for long-term, keep the pricing as a factor to consider.

The over-the-phone support as well as live chat is what you should be looking for, in the first priority before the other things because once you are hosting the website there, nothing much can be done except for receiving the support from the host.

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