Enlighten the Smartphone Photographer in you using Clashot

Rise of Smartphones have not only redefined the way, we use mobile phones, but it has also caused dawn of mobile photography, in which you do not need Digital SLR cameras or tripods to convey your messages using extraordinary, at the same time eye-catching, photographs. Also, thanks to portability, photographs taken using Smartphones look even natural, as such photographic memories do not need you to waste a huge time by setting up equipments to get some pictures captured. Understanding this fact, most of news media has now started accepting Smartphone-made, extra natural, and quick photographs for printing and publishing purposes!


Suppose you are a Smartphone-powered photographer and used to take superb photographs, especially in some sudden occasions, where those professional photographers do not get enough time to click! You can put your photographs for sale, and press will get them from you if they are interested in your photographs! But, wait, how you are going to sell your photos? Do not worry. Here comes your one and only solution to sell Smartphone-made photographs and thus to earn – Clashot! In this post, we will have a brief but comprehensive review of Clashot, and we will start with an overview to this applications and the basic working principle of Clashot, which is a product from Depositphotos – one of the leading marketplace to buy & sell photographs and other graphics.

What is Clashot, and how does it work?

To be put in simpler words, Clashot is an application available for Smartphones and Tablet PCs running on Android & iOS! Nevertheless, the application will start showing magic when you start uploading your photographs through the platform to the unimaginable world of media, who are relentlessly looking for lively, eye-catching images to polish all kinds of news they bring for the world.


On one hand, Clashot is a community, in which you can find both customers, who are zealous to gain life-rich photographs for media and publishing purposes, and photographers, who managed to convert the camera of Smartphone into the window of representation of real life.

As an Enthusiastic Smartphone Photographer

Working process of Clashot is simple than you guess! What you got to do first to use Clashot, is to download the App from Google Play Store or iTunes Store according to the Smartphone/Tablet PC you have with you. In that App, you’ll have to create a profile in order to get started with Clashot.

Once the account creation is over, you can start uploading your photographs and get money, if those photos are able to attract attention from those who are looking for tremendous but natural-looking photos, which do have power of randomness as well (unless it was a prepared shot).  So, you can start uploading your photos using the App. Yet, we came to find that the default camera application is not so good, and you will have to use another camera application, at least the default one of Smartphone, to capture good photographs.


In the section ‘Wizard’, you can find an option called ‘New Report’. By tapping on that button, you can either choose photographs from the gallery or take fresh ones, and then upload to Clashot servers. You will also have to provide a short but effective description for all photos you upload to Clashot.


Once the report is accepted by the Application, it will be visible in the profile of yours. And, when a media person or the concerned person of such a firm comes to see your photos, they might purchase your photographs. If they do so, corresponding amount shall be credited. You can withdraw money later using PayPal. You can view statistics about the account in the ‘Profile’ Section of Clashot.


As a Buyer, who is looking for Mobile-Made Photographs!

On the other hand, when it comes to the buyers’ perspective, the process of getting impressive images for your firm is quite simple using Clashot for Android or Clashot for iOS. Along with the mentioned part, there is a tab in the App, called ‘Feed’, where you can see the images your friends have uploaded. Alternatively, you can check out trending photographs as well. In that way, if you come to find some impressive photographs that are powerful enough to get attraction of readers, you can click on the ‘Cart’ button to buy that photograph. Fortunately, for both Photographer and customer, price of one photograph is $0.99! Obviously, this amount seems satisfactory, as it can give you decent earnings in a less time itself.


Our Final Word

According to our experience with Clashot for Android, it is indeed a powerful app to upload Smartphone-made set of photographs you have taken and hence to earn decent money from them. Literally, Clashot can ‘really’ help you earn money if you have that skill to take awesome photographs using the Smartphone camera in unexpected situations. For instance, if there is a sudden riot or protest in your region, you can take a ‘decent’ photo of that, and we bet that there will be enough people to approach you for that lively picture. Of course, in that aspect, Clashot makes enough sense for both customer and photographer, who want to impress reader and earn respectively. However, one of the suggestions we have is to improve the camera app of Clashot, which shall let the photographer implement power of creativity in photographs.

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