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There is no doubt at all that online advertising is always evolving. This is the case and will always be the case, given that publishers are always on the lookout for new ways to engage consumers and generate more revenue.  Although several traditional advertising methods are still used, such as text links, sponsored posts and banner ads, they are fast approaching their expiry date and will very soon be extinct. That is why must always stay updated as a publisher, webmaster or a designer. It is the only way you can beat completion around you and make more money.

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In image Advertising

In image advertising is on every publisher south today for several reasons. For starters, it allows publishers to earn income simply by enabling images on a website or even a blog to become part of the platform where bother the user and the advertisement meet. In simple terms, image advertising is all about displaying an advertisement as an extra layer over the image. There are several forms of in image advertising, all of which boil down to the fact that the advertisement is dynamically displayed within the frame of the image.

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In image advertising is not complete without Imonomy. It started out by developing technology that can effortlessly read and recognize texts then match the most suitable images to a web page that is similar from their database which is full of copyright free photos.  Imonomy has since grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it based its all time popular in image advertising platform on its unique ability to recognize texts and display contextually relevant advertisement.

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What Makes Imonomy so Special?

Imonomy gets better engagement then conventional ads.  It does this by engaging users on a non intrusive model.  Unlike other methods of mainstream advertising which  often ostracize users unintentionally, Imonomy allows publishes to ear that extra dolor without consuming the web page. It is simply a win-win situation for the publisher and the user. The latter does not get bothers and even gets to enjoy viewing the advertisement. The former takes home the extra cash as already hinted.

Added Value on Free Images

Like aforementioned, Imonomy used a software program that analyzes WebPages and automatically inserts relevant copyright free images. In other words, it advertises at the focal point of a website, making it extremely hard for users to look away. It is simply captivating and increases the likelihood of users responding to the ad.  It does not end there. With this form of creative advertisement, Imonomy does not take away the aesthetic value for a website.

User Friendliness

Imonomy is extremely user friendly. Its visual semantic engine does everything for both the experienced and amateur designer. This means that it can be implemented easily on websites. Its free API expands functionality and takers its abilities to a whole new level. As an icing to the cake, Imonomy creates intelligent links between WebPages. This encourages visitors to navigate to additional relevant content with ease. The only thing you will need to worry about is traffic.

Revenue Sharing Percentage

Imonomy does not charge for use of its technology.  It has a freemium model which is tied to the ads. They are inserted to the ad with images. This makes it easy for Imonomy to share revenue with the publisher. The revenue sharing percentage used by Imonomy heaving depends on the size of the publisher. It also depends on traffic that a website received. For larger websites with more impressions, Imonomy takes a lower percentage.

New publishers trying out what the world of in image advertising has to offer will find it easy to use Imonomy. As the World Wide Web has proven from time to time, the only secret to succeeding online to staying one on one with the ever changing nature of what is hot on the internet at any given time. In image advertising happens to be one of these ways.  Like you may have found out by now, it is the best monetization tool available.  It gets better with Imonomy with the value it adds on copyright free images, its user friendliness and most importantly, its advanced engagement with users. It is simply the best alternative for publishers who want low bounce backs.

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