Enhance Your Web Programming Like Never Before Using CodeLobster

Everyone has his or her own reasons to code! For some, it is part of the profession whereas for some others It is kind of passion or hobby! Regardless the mentioned diversity, you need a friend to simplify this coding friend, and a good IDE can substitute that position quite industriously. Requirement of such an IDE becomes intense when you code for World Wide Web using languages such as PHP. As in all other cases, finding such an IDE is a tedious task, indeed. Yet, you have fewer to worry about if you want to find an IDE that will help you wipe off constraints when you code PHP. To help you in this situation, we have found a superb Integrated Development Environment tool– CodeLobster PHP Edition! To put things in a simpler manner, we would like to review CodeLobster PHP Edition as well as how will it be a blessing for all those who love coding PHP. First, to get a basic idea, we sense room for an introduction.


CodeLobster PHP Edition: What is it all about?

Recalling our own words, CodeLobster PHP Edition is a dedicated Integrated Development Environment for coding in PHP! No matter your intention is to create a web-based application, create a WordPress theme or to create webpage using PHP language, this tool would be an awesome companion for your coding endeavours. Relatively smaller file of the installation setup would make you wonder how developers have stuffed in these much features in CodeLobster in such a flexible way. Along with PHP, CodeLobster offers support for several languages such as HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript etc. First, we would check basic sections of CodeLobster, and then move on to special features of this tool.

Setting Up CodeLobster in your PC

Installing CodeLobster PHP Edition is very simple! As we mentioned earlier, the setup file is only 19MB, which can be downloaded in seconds or minutes, unlike other IDEs. Once the installation is complete, double-click will open install wizard, and it will take only a few minutes to complete. In addition to the typical installation, you have the freedom to choose the tool variant to install – static or portable, default language etc. After these, you have to select package that you like; you can either go on with the free package with limited features or purchase professional version. Now we can have a brief glance at the user interface of CodeLobster.

How does it feel to use CodeLobster PHP Edition?

User Interface of CodeLobster PHP Edition seems not to be different from that of other IDE tools. On the contrary, as far as the usability of design is concerned, CodeLobster has little to make you disappointed. Apart from normal ones, CodeLobster has some intuitive elements to be imparted in the main User Interface, and such kinds of elements are productive, indeed. Now, we will move to the main part of this review – exciting features of CodeLobster PHP Edition that each PHP lover will love to love.


What did we find Special in CodeLobster?

In-built support for popular Content Management Systems & Platforms

CodeLobster offers sophisticated support for installation as well as functioning of popular CMSs and platforms as the popular blogging platform, WordPress, Joomla. It does offer support for Facebook platform as well. Through the kind of support, you can create and test your application for corresponding platforms without using other software such as XAMPP. Having said that, we would like to add the point that support for CMS is available through specific plug-in that should be purchased separately once you have completed the trial period.


Enhanced Support for Coding

When compared to other IDEs, CodeLobster offers enhanced support and features for coding. Firstly, we shall count the dedicated auto-complete support for languages including PHP, HTML and CSS. In case of all these languages, the auto-complete support is something awesome, and the feature would be a great blessing for newbies in languages. In addition, there are some features that help you split the entire code, and hence to have a brief overview of various elements of the code such as variables, functions, etc.  Also, the integrated Database manager of this tool is very sensible, indeed. Altogether, the coding experience is incredible in CodeLobster PHP Edition.


Final Comment

AWESOME! We find no other suitable for commenting on this extraordinarily superb IDE for PHP Coding. Yet, we do welcome your opinion about the tool quite heartily!


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