MyBackup Pro – Best Way to Back up you Android

MyBackup professional empowers users of android mobile devices to back up their phone’s information onto the SD Card or our on-line secured servers. The application conjointly permits users to backup application APK install files. Within the case of a lost, damaged, reset phone, or upgraded phone, users will restore the phone’s information and applications simply on the prevailing or new phone. All on-line information is unbroken non-public and secure.

MyBackup Pro – Best Way to Back up you Android

As android phones become additional powerful and additional helpful, they conjointly store additional of your necessary personal information. Losing that information may be quite a minor inconvenience, and given the fragility of electronic devices, it’s one thing that is doubtless to happen at some purpose. MyBackup professional is associate app that may provide you with peace of mind if your phone gets destroyed in a mishap like an impromptu dip within the bathroom or a shattering drop to the pavement. You’ll be able to schedule automatic backups and restore your apps, data, and settings to a replacement phone (or to an equivalent phone if the information was accidentally erased) in barely minutes.

Behavior of App with Rooted and Non Rooted Android Phones

This app could be a nice plus for rooted phones (phones that are hacked open associated have permission to put in writing system files) however simply does an ok job with stock phones. The most effective feature of the program is that the ability to avoid wasting the system information – logins, passwords, etc… – However you have got to possess your phone rooted before exploitation this feature. For stock devices, you’ll be able to back up your info; however you can’t save any log in, account or passwords throughout your restore method. It will build reinstalling apps a lot of quicker, but again, while not work in 1st, most apps don’t seem to be able to be used – particularly those from the Amazon Appstore and also the GetJar Appstore.

You can produce multiple versions of backups–up to thirty within the cloud and unlimited versions on your SD card. So what are you able to keep a copy? You’ll be able to back up one, several, or all of your apps. You’ll be able to keep a copy any half or all of your decision log, and your photos, contacts, bookmarks, SMS, MMS, system settings, home screens, alarms, dictionary, calendar events, and music playlists. You can restore chosen information from backups, or the whole backup. If you’re insured to the cloud, you’ll be able to conjointly read your contacts, bookmarks, SMS, call log, alarms, dictionary, and calendar events within the MyBackup net Viewer.



This is a good app that performs a crucial operation that’s sadly absent within the core android OS.  This feature i might add remote backup and wipe capability, so you may secure your device just in case of loss or larceny. Apart from that, MyBackup professional is simply regarding excellent. If you would like to undertake it out before you buy it, a 30-day free trial version is also accessible. Overall, if there was the way to create the total backup potential, or perhaps automatize the system to install ‘all apps’ am passionate about it will in backup mode, for non-root users, this app would be a solid five stars. As it sits, five stars for rooted phones – four stars for stock phones.

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