Cut Out the Darkness – Panasonic Bringing Light to Areas in Darkness

We do use electricity for different purposes, which range from the day-to-day activities to gigantic factories, which in turn let our techy life move on! But, wait! Have you ever known the fact that 1 of every five people of our earth does not have electricity for these purposes? Have you ever thought the situation of children, who hardly sees ray of light after sunset? Have you ever heard the pathetic cries of energy crisis? Have you ever imagined the cruelty of darkness that surrounds those kids? Even if you have not, Panasonic, one of the giants in consumer electronics, has thought of these pathetic situations. That is, why they initiated their awesome campaign ‘Cut out the darkness’ that aims the enlightening of people, who lack access to electricity, through provision of solar lanterns all over the world. The first glance may force you think that the campaign is silly, but it is out of your expectations, and you can participate in this campaign if you can design covers for these solar lanterns.


These solar lanterns are quite useful than you expect! People, who have no access to electricity, can use sunlight for charging these lanterns, and then to preserve charge in batteries. And, when our giant sun sets, such lanterns aim to open a new world of hope and success for those children, who are supposed to suffer the darkness otherwise. These lanterns can also be used for charging mobile phones as well, which is a great boon, indeed. Apart from the bliss of light, Panasonic solar lanterns help such people get rid of health issues due to the use of Kerosene lamps along with protection of our environment.




So, as we mentioned, now, it is your turn to do your part towards Cut out the darkness, and do your contribution to the whole effort for letting those people know light! Do you think you can design some awesome covers for the solar lanterns? If so, you can rush to the official website of Cut out the darkness, and start drawing for the poor! Because, light matters! Panasonic has been donating its silver lanterns since 2006, and they will move on with this until 2017. So, make sure that you join the list of top designers for Cut out the darkness solar lanterns.  If you’re not good at the designing part, you can go the mentioned site and vote for the best lanterns cover you see, and hence help them to choose the best cover for those kids. So, aren’t you ready for that?


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