How Computer Viruses Can Spread and Cause Web Users Chaos

With a history spanning over four decades, it wasn’t until the creation of the internet in the early 1990’s when computer viruses started to become more threatening and widespread. Before the advent of cybersecurity, people with nothing better to do created viruses which managed to infect thousands of PCs, making them unusable at the point of infection.
Today, viruses and other forms of malware continue to wreak havoc, although, as this infographic created by Symantec Norton shows us, the biggest and most expensive ones of all time were from several years ago. The most expensive of the lot cost the global economy a staggering US$38bn to clean up after!
The stats on show prove that viruses can be expensive in the extreme. Businesses, state organisations and private individuals affected would likely have to buy a replacement PC, not to mention any programs they had installed. This makes it highly important to remain vigilant when it comes to spotting a virus.

Top 5 Viruses Infographic

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