Top Digital Marketing Tactics for 2014

There are only hours to reach 2014! Almost everyone is busy in receiving the New Year with New Year resolution and parties! As you know, the world of social media and digital marketing is ready to accept changes and methodology in such a way that the marketing efforts would do the job, when it comes to the case of popularization of your product or service. Now, as far as the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is concerned, as the whole world steps to 2014, you will have to make some changes in the whole tactics of digital marketing, which is also known as web marketing. Therefore, you have to analyze the changes in the digital marketing world of 2013, and then to alter your tactics to be in one fruitful form. Here, however, in order to help you fix this problem, we have found some important tactics that you’ve to implement in the social media marketing practices. We hope that these tips will be quite useful for digital as well as digital marketing. Among the list, we have included several components of the marketing pillars like the social media, content marketing, etc. According to the niche of your product and service, you have to create one mixture of all these components in such a way that the resultant efforts would be fruitful.

digital marketing 2014

Make Way for Enhanced Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Unlike the traditional concept, you have to promote the content marketing part of digital marketing in the enhanced form. Yes, you heard us right! As the world steps into 2014, you have to strengthen your content marketing efforts, so that you can dominate the field by forcing your competitors to draw back. Some research have it that companies, which makes use of content marketing campaigns such as blogging are capable of getting more earning than those, who don’t involve in such campaigns. For instance, if one company is doing an effective content marketing method to gain the trust of customers, you can assure that the campaign will have its visible effect overall profit graph.

Video Is Important


Even when the content marketing part keeps its momentum, even enhanced, promotion using video and such kinds of interactive media has kept its exclusive place in the criteria list. For example, we can consider a product that does require an interactive introduction. Although you might be able to implement some interactive content on the blog or something, those efforts will be nothing when compared to that of a video-based promotion in YouTube or some newly-arrived networks such as Vine. In that sense, you should give equal or more than equal importance for video as well as other methods of interactive communication with your customers. Of course these kinds of promotions would be helpful for you to create a huge wall of trust among consumer community, and hence to receive noticeable profit in the long run.

Location-Targeted Marketing


Why should a person in New York and Singapore get the same kind of content? Why don’t you present the content in such way that the people in the specific region would use it more productively? If you have an affirmative answer for both of these questions, you should not think twice to implement location-targeted marketing practices in whole effort. The process is now easier than you guess, because there are several technologies to let the appropriate type of content reach the suitable people on time in matter of seconds. Apart from the text content, you can utilize that awesome power of multimedia content such as images and videos. All these utilizations would have their exclusive effect on the enhancement of your marketing efforts.

Understand Diversity in Social Media


You all know that Facebook and Twitter are quite popular social networks, which also provide a superb environment for marketing practices, and hence the focusing on real people. However, it is worth noting down that the list of such social networks have lengthened itself in the previous year, and as an internet marketer, you should keep an eye on the top player in the list. For instance, rather than completely focusing on Facebook and Twitter, you can also check out newly-arrived social networks such as Instagram in order to get enhanced exposure.

What do you think about these tactics? We are waiting for your valuable opinion.

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