Root Your Android Phone – Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting

So, you’re in an exceedingly perplexity if you must root your new and high-priced android phone. There could be several queries sound in your mind like what’s rooting specifically. What are the advantages of rooting.. Any disadvantages of probing with this process? Well, we’ll take these up in our post today and take a look at to answer them. The android phone that you simply have learned to like and luxuriate in is running software that was designed for industrial and personal use. Like most any software, many options are forcefully disabled, either for using in future or to forestall the casual user from inflicting permanent harm to the software.

advantages and disadvantages of android rooting

What is rooting?

“Rooting” is the method during which the restrictions are removed and full-access is allowed. Once rooted, the android phone owner can have a lot of management over several settings, options and performance of their phone. Basically, “rooting” means that to induce to the foundation of the software and to possess the power to create international changes.

Rooting an android phone merely means that to realize administrative privileges (or root access if you’re from a UNIX system background) on the system. Once you obtain a brand new android phone, you’re simply a guest user on the phone. You’ll use the phone, even as a guest would use Windows, however you’ll not be able to create any changes to the system files. However, when you have got a root access over your phone, you may browse your android root folder and create any changes to the system files on your phone. And that’d mean the power to create every kind of changes and install a lot of powerful apps that you simply can’t use on a non-rooted phone.

Advantages and Benefits of Rooting Android Phone

“Rooting” your android phone will afford you various advantages and benefits that includes-

1.Executing special applications

Super user is an app which will solely be run on a rooted android phone. This permits you to manage that apps have access to the “root” system. Another well-liked application that “rooting” affords is that the ability to tether a laptop to your android phone so the pc will access the web victimization the phone’s information association. Another program will permit your android to be used as a WLAN Hotspot while not having to pay your supplier for the feature.

2.Freeing up memory

When you put in an app on your phone, it’s kept on the phone’s memory. “Rooting” permits you to move put in applications to your SD card, so releasing up system memory for extra files or apps.

3.Custom ROM’s

This is the most interesting feature of “rooted” phones. There are many custom ROM’s which will do something from dashing up the process speed of your phone to dynamical the whole look and feel of your phone.

Disadvantages and Drawbacks of Rooting Android Phone

1.Rooting forthwith voids your phone’s warranty

Once rooted, do not try and bring your phone back for service or guarantee work. You’re on your own! And you can’t claim anything to your Android Phone service agents. Rooting involves the chance of “bricking” your talk show essence; a “bricked” phone is not any higher than carrying around a nonsense wall in your pocket. The phone is finished for that matter once it’s been “bricked.”

2.Poor performance

Though the intention of “rooting” a phone is to present the phone a lot of performance, many users have found that, in their tries to hurry up the phone or add further options, that their phones lost each performance speed and options. Bear in mind that once you “root” your android phone, you’re creating changes to the stock software.


Yes, even phones will get viruses. A typical observation that a folk with “rooted” phones is to flash their ROM’s with custom programs. Whenever you make certain changes to the program code, you run the chance of introducing a scourge.


Finally, we can say for our readers that Every Coin has two sides. Similarly in this case, Rooting carries its own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing from these sets of advantages and disadvantages is a call that has to be made by the user himself. So, it is a personal view on whether to root an Android Smartphone or not? We would love to hear from our readers who have undergone the process of rooting the android phone. What benefits or drawbacks you identified out of your experience apart from those which are mentioned in above article.

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