How to Uninstall Multiple Apps from Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

We all have those moments once we notice we’ve put in an excessive amount of junk on our android devices. It’s then time to take a seat down and clean up and uninstall apps. The method will become tedious though’ since you have got to manually uninstall every app one at a time. If you’re like me, there’s a decent probability you put in several android apps to try them out. From the most recent widespread mobile games to new and probably helpful utilities, these apps build up over time. They eventually begin to litter your app drawer with icons you never faucet and fill your storage with app information you’ll never use. Removing these apps ordinarily needs initiating an uninstall operation for each application, by clicking a button, looking forward to the application to completely uninstall, so continuance — this will get time consuming and tedious and will mess up, notably if you have got a lesser RAM phone. Luckily, there’s a quicker thanks to uninstall multiple apps promptly.


When I got my 1st android smartphone, I downloaded apps like as if it was the last day. In no time, my storage was nearly full with apps I never used. I had to put myself on a drive for an uninstall process. Uninstall processed aren’t nearly as fun as they sound. They’re long and conscientious. You have got to manually choose every app from the application Manager and wait many minutes for even the tiniest apps to be fully uninstalled.

Fortunately, there’s the way to avoid this annoying method and uninstall multiple apps from your android smartphone at the same time. Thankfully, there are third-party apps within the Market that may uninstall multiple apps at a time for you.

Multiple Uninstall Android Apps using ES File Explorer

  • Firstly, Install ES File Explorer from the Play Store.
  • Run the app and click three times to ignore the tutorial.
  • Click the globe icon in the topmost left corner of the screen and choose Tools from the dropdown menu
  • Click on App Manager
  • Click and hold on any app you want to uninstall. You will be able to see a small blue mark beside that app.
  • Continue clicking on all the apps you want to uninstall
  • Click the trash can icon in the bottommost left corner of your screen to uninstall all selected apps
  • Click OK on all the pop-up notifications that appear to uninstall all selected apps
  • Enjoy quicker performance and more storage space for internal memory!

Multiple Uninstall Android Apps using Easy Uninstaller

If you don’t have a rooted android smartphone or tablet, this isn’t as straightforward. You can’t actually skip the confirmation messages without root access.

However, you can still speed up your operation. To more quickly uninstall apps if you’re not rooted, use the straightforward Uninstaller app. It’ll show a listing of your installed apps and permit you to examine off individual apps you wish to uninstall. The apps are sorted by their size, thus you’ll see that apps you ought to uninstall to regain the most space for storing.

Select the apps you wish to uninstall and so click the Batch Uninstall button. Easy Uninstaller can crop up a confirmation box for every app you wish to uninstall. You’ll still ought to click alright to every confirmation box, however this is often a lot of quicker than uninstalling multiple apps the traditional manner — no extra screens and waiting.


Hope you have found some amazing techniques listed above to reduce your time loss in uninstalling individual applications on your Android smartphone or tablet. The article does not list the only ways to do this activity. There are also other means like Titanium Backup Utility App which can also provide the similar results but it is a commercial app. So why opt for it, if we have something free as alternative for the same. Use the below comment section to list any other alternatives which you may have tried and found as useful as part of your experience in Uninstalling Multiple Android apps from your android phone.

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