Best Tablets for Online Gaming

A tablet’s online gaming capabilities are one of the major selection criteria for anyone looking to buy these types of device. How good a tablet is at running games is also a good indicator as to how good the tablet is in general, with many attributes required for games being useful across the board. So here we’ll look at some of the best tablets available for playing games.

When we get to the premium tablet end of the market, the choice becomes highly subjective between say an iPad4 and a Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Both are hugely well equipped in terms of processing power – 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro and the A6X respectively – and both have big bright screens.
For some the choice of games and apps might swing the decision. Apple’s iTunes store is where everything ground breaking seems to arrive, and add to this the fact that all of Apple’s games are designed with Apple devices in mind. This means that a games power can be better harnessed by a specialised machine – software built for hardware and vice versa.
Nevertheless, with some of the huge processors on offer at the top end of the Android market, and the vast amounts of games available, this shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference.
Tablets like the Toshiba Excite Pro or Galaxy Tab 10.1 achieve very highly in processor speed tests, and the latest Google Nexus 7 is incredible value for a tablet with such mighty capabilities. Most gamers will be happy with a screen of 7inches and above given the fact that the majority of touchscreen games don’t demand too big a screen. It is a perfect size to play the best Australian online casino games at
The Nexus 7 is 1.5GHz quad core and it comes in a 32GB edition – storage space is very important for serious gamers and 32GB is a good benchmark.
So if you want an Android tablet for games, ensure you know the processor specs and you could scoop a brilliant bargain. Conversely, if you err towards Apple you know you’re getting a good product with a huge choice of games.

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