Which 2013 Android Smartphone is the Best for Gaming?

Smartphones have proven to be quite popular since their original inception. These devices of course provide communication capabilities with calling and texting. However, they even go a bit further. With operating systems installed on them, they are able to work like a computer. With this technology, it is possible to do many of the same things on would do on their computer with this phone. Gaming is one use that many smartphone users find convenient on these devices. You can do app store optimization in order to rank your app higher on search results on play Store.


In the world of Smartphones, the two most popular operating systems are Android and Apple. Many gamers have shown a preference for Android products. Some of this stems from the relaxed regulations Google has applied to their App Store. It is much easy to obtain new games from Android. With that being said, the best Android smartphone for gaming would be the Samsung Galaxy S4. Gaming phones should have powerful processors to handle online casino gambling at sites like Lucky Nugget. With the Galaxy S4, consumers get a zippy quad core processor. Battery life is also another important aspect of a gaming phone. This makes it possible to enjoy long gaming sessions without the need to plug in. Many like the fact that Android phones can have their batteries replaced should the need arise. With Apple phones, the battery is built in and cannot be traded out.

The large display screen is another part of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that makes it a gaming phone. With full five inches, gamers find the larger screen more appealing. With a larger screen, the touchscreen controls also are spaced out a bit better. This means the chance of hitting the wrong key diminishes with this device. When playing at an online casino, you donít want to accidentally hit the wrong action when playing blackjack. There is a significant difference between standing and hitting.

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