What are the Surprising Signs for Quitting Blogging

Blogging has developed amazingly well in terms of all the aspects. The rivalry among different bloggers has also increase largely. Blogging business is a trend on the internet just because of cheap domain names and maximum discount on website hosting plans. Many of the upcoming bloggers are of a view that this is a platform, which enables them to make more money, and because of this, they opt for it. However, this fact makes them quit blogging as soon as they join it. Do you desire to be one of them? Will you give up blogging soon? I have studied about various traits to quit blogging. Therefore, here we go discussing those traits.


  • No time: In this present day situations every one of us do not find much spare time. Blogging though a time consuming activity but it also guarantee returns for your hard work in the near future. However, few people who are on the verge of quitting blogging find it very hard to give their time on blogging. They begin spending their time on various other activities that are of no use. They are not able to focus as a result of which they finally quit blogging.
  • Blogger’s block: It is the deficiency of writing for your blog. You become discouraged and gradually start spending less time over writing for your blog. If you are trapped in a blogger’s blog, it means that there is lack of idea in your mind and you consider some other activity more essential than blogging. This will shift you towards the darker side of blogging. If a blogger is dedicated to be victorious then in that case he or she will absolutely search the way to write for the blog. However, people without an aim fail to withstand in the bogging career.
  • Hatred towards other blogs: If ever you cannot wait or find it very tough to go through the blog of different people then you might face problems. You are required to go through the blogs of different people in order to search out the newest and exclusive content to write for your blog. You can make an impact on other visitors by writing good quality content on your blog. Therefore, if you do not go through other blogs then in that case you will surely quit blogging.
  • Posts of your blog are not proofread: You can simply make out just by having a glance at articles of the blogger that whether he should give up or carry on with blogging. If you are able, locate grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in his articles then you can simply make out that the blogger can give up blogging. The article should be reliable and error free.
  • You do not have top level domains: If you opt for blogging at the sub-domain then in this case it is a symbol of your carelessness towards blogging. This clearly specifies that you take up blogging very lightly. Bloggers having sub-domains can simply quit blogging without facing any sort of problem because they do not own anything that they can lose. If the blogger owns a top-level domain, then in that case he or she will think many times before giving up his blogging career.
  • You do not have niche blog: One of the most popular and greatest reasons is that you do not have particular niche for blogging. These bloggers circulate all the things that is either irrelevant or of no use that should not be displayed on the website. This is a clear signal for the blogger to give up blogging.

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